Understanding Men – Why Are Men So Confusing and Hard to Understand?

Whether single or in a serious relationship, women are often confused by men. Let’s be honest; there’s no handbook that explains a man’s odd behavior, and any attempt at understanding a man’s behavior often leads to even more confusion.

It’s no wonder that men confuse women at all.

The fact of the matter is that the male brain actually operates extremely differently from the female brain, creating a perplexing situation for women. This concept has been popular ever since a certain best selling book was published in the 90s, and it isn’t any less true today.

Before a woman can stop being confused by men, she has to get a primer on how a man’s brain works. It can be a hard fact to accept at first, but it is vital to successfully understanding men. The main thing to keep in mind when learning the male brain is that his thought process is in fact different from your own!

These differences are most evident when examining the differences in male and female conversations. Ever noticed how when women get together, they tend to talk about guys and what they want in a relationship? Women have this idea of finding their dream man and settling down.

On the other hand, not very many men talk about those things.

Instead, most men take sort of a passive attitude when it comes to their love life, just cruising by and going after whatever shiny object happens to be in their life at the moment. They don’t put a whole lot of emotional time or investment into pondering love or their relationships.

Instead, men focus on more tangible goods such as competition, cars, and physical satisfaction. So are men just more shallow than woman, or not?

The key to understanding men is to stop fighting the differences and instead, accepting the fact that you will never completely see eye to eye with a man. Once you accept this fact, you can begin to use male psychology to your advantage rather than viewing it as a hurdle that you must overcome.

Another thing to keep in mind is that both men and women are emotional creatures who base the majority of their actions on their feelings.

Still, upon close examination, it becomes apparent that men often try to hide their emotions by rationalizing them with makeshift logic that doesn’t always make sense. Ever wonder why men often act in ways which are very confusing, and can sometimes seem dishonest? Well, that facet of male psychology has a lot to do with it.

Despite all this, if you can break a man’s armor and connect with the soft spot held within, you get to join an elite group of women who actually understand men, despite their confusing ways. As a result, you will enjoy greater success and be able to attract the type of men that you want to attract. Healthy relationships are a key ingredient to happiness, so learning to understand men is definitely worth the effort.

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