Tips for Kissing On Your First Date

Whether you want to kiss, whether you don’t, this is a question you can’t avoid at the end of your date. Sometimes kissing can be really simple and without any deeper meaning, in other situations it can really stir up your feelings. Kissing is always an intimate act, and it is a sign of trust: you’re exposing your neck, while your eyes are closed. It makes you emotionally vulnerable as well.

Being an intimate act, a lot of people interpret kissing as a sexual foreplay. There are people who are willing to kiss only as part of sexual intercourse, others see kissing as an activity totally separated from sex. Some can kiss for hours, and then simply say goodbye. Because there are many different kisses with different meanings, it is important for you to know which kisses are serious and which kisses that doesn’t mean much.

Kissing is not the only way to say goodbye: you can shake hands, which means you don’t want to move too fast.

This gesture, however, can be easily misinterpreted, and your date may think something went wrong, or you are dismissive. You can also hug your date. Hugging is very similar to kissing, as it can have a lot of meanings depending on the duration and body position. Its message can range from friendly and casual to passionate. Hugging can be also the gateway to kissing.

Experts say there are at least 25 kinds of kisses, with 25 different meanings. You don’t have to know all of them: your date doesn’t know either, so you don’t have necessarily do things by the book. There is no doubt you will figure out what to do. However, you will have to make the difference between a quick kiss and a serious kiss.

If you meet someone and kiss him/her on the cheek, that’s a quick kiss.

Quick kisses are quite common in some countries. If your date gives you a quick kiss at the end of the night it means he/she doesn’t want to get involved in anything serious. Therefore you should say goodbye and go home. If your date gives you a kiss on your cheek when you meet, be prepared for more to come.

There is no way you can’t see a serious kiss is coming. You will notice the sizzling air between you two, and the body language of your partner will be quite easy to read. A serious kiss is always sensual, but doesn’t necessarily mean sex is the next step. However, because serious kissing is a full-body experience, you can be sure that sex is not very far away.

Usually men are the ones that see serious kissing as a sexual game. In contrast, women think that there is no connection between serious kissing and going to bed. Some women can kiss for hours and then say goodbye.

At the end of the date, certain gestures disclose a serious kiss is on the way: you face each other, looking into each other’s eyes, and you have no intention to say goodbye.

But remember, kissing is not mandatory. There are other ways to say goodbye, like shaking hands, hugging or even waving at each other.

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