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Despite popular belief, having an alternative lifestyle is more than just about having a homosexual orientation. There is a full spectrum of sexual orientations out there, and anyone can fall anywhere within the spectrum. After all, sexuality is fluid, and nowadays people just go with the flow. Here are the different lifestyles that are alternatives to common heterosexuality:

Homosexuality. Homosexuals are people who are exclusively attracted to people of the same sex. This includes gay men and lesbians. This is the exact opposite of heterosexuality, and although it is more common than other alternative sexual orientations, it is still not widely accepted by law or religion. However, recent trends in legislation, the media, and in philosophy show that homosexuality is getting more accepted.
Bisexuality. Most people think that bisexuality is a state of confusion and that bisexuals are straight people on their way to being gay or vice versa.

The truth is, bisexuals are just psychologically, romantically, and physically attracted to both males and females.

It’s entirely possible for a bisexual person to be in a long-term monogamous relationship with a person of either sex, especially since they usually follow their hearts (instead of their bodies) when choosing a partner. Several other lifestyles fall under bisexuality, so being a bisexual generally means that you fall somewhere between homosexuality and heterosexuality.

Very few people understand or encounter pansexuality. This is because it’s relatively harder to find true pansexuals comapred to members of other sexual orientations. Pansexuals are attracted to almost anyone of any gender, even those that aren’t clearly male or female. This means that pansexuals can be attracted to the transgendered, transsexuals, transvestites, hermaphrodites, macho men, feminine women, etc. It also usually means that pansexuals are open to different types of sex acts, and they find gender to be an irrelevant factor when it comes to feeling sexual attraction.

Autosexuality. While it’s still disputed whether it’s an actual orientation, autosexuality is defined as wanting to have sex with yourself instead of having sex with another person. This, of course, means that an autosexual would rather masturbate than have interpersonal sex. Some autosexuals are both physically and emotionally attracted to themselves, while others are only physically attracted. Keep in mind that autosexuality is different from ordinary masturbation – autosexuals don’t need outside stimuli such as porn or fantasies whenever pleasuring themselves.

Asexuality. Sometimes, being asexual is a choice, and in other cases it is a predisposition. Asexuals lack any sexual desire or attraction to anything or anyone. It’s not very common, especially since the desire to have sex is hardwired into our DNA, but it does exist. Celibacy may fall under this category, although that is mostly a lifestyle choice rather than an orientation.