How to Tell If a Man Wants More Than Just a Hook Up? 7 Points You Need to Consider Today In the beginning, all relationships can be labelled as “hook ups”

Now if the woman has become more involved with the man she is with she definitely would want to know his status because she has put in her emotions and feelings in the relationship. Look for these signs if you want to know your man is looking for more than a hook up.

His behaviour towards you This is something you should first take into account. His behaviour towards you will always be impeccable. He will be the perfect gentleman and always treat you as a lady should be. He will always be on his best behaviour whenever he is with you.

Truly considers your points of views.

If your man always takes your viewpoints and perspectives into full consideration before taking any decision that concerns you both, he is definitely someone who is serious about you and is looking for more than just a hook up.

If he commits something to you it stays that way If you have decide to call him up if you feel like meeting him or to ask something from him and if he gives you his time or fulfils whatever your needs be it surely means that really loves and respects you and so it goes without saying that you are not just a hook up.

He gives you solace You are feeling down for some reason, maybe a bad day at work or your health is not in top form, if he comes around and comforts you and does all he can to relieve you of your sufferings, you know that you are special to him.

Lets you take charge When you are planning for a romantic date or something special, and he more than willingly lets you take charge about everything, from the date and time to where you should be going then it is a clear sign that he is looking at you as long term partner and you are not just a mere hook up.

He has eyes only for you If your guy shows no inclination towards any other woman in any way no matter how beautiful or classy she is, then it is the biggest indication that you are the most special woman in his life and not just a hook up.

His gifts are so romantic One of the biggest barometer with which you can gauge a man’s feelings towards you is by the nature of his gifts to you. If his gifts to you are always of the kind that are given to someone special, well thought of, convey his feelings towards you and make you feel special, rest assured that he wants to be in a firm relationship with you