The Key To Saving My Relationship

How To Save A Relationship Joe is a workaholic and Jen feels he doesn’t spend enough time with her. Jen is dedicated to their children and spends a great deal of time meeting their needs, but Joe feels she doesn’t spend any time meeting his needs. Do you think this relationship can be saved? Is this relationship doomed to fail? Let take a look at how we can go about saving a relationship.

There are many reason why some couples stay together. Maybe its a matter of convenience or for the young children in the house. These are not solid building blocks in which to have a lasting relationship. Both parties have to be willing to make a commitment to saving the relationship if it is to last.

You have to ask, “Is this relationship worth saving?” Although most relationships can be saved with a little hard work, together the couple must agree to make it work. If one of the parties in the relationship has given up and has refused to try any longer, there is little that can be done.

Identify the problem or problems in the relationship.

All too often couples confuse a symptom of a problem as being the problem they need to correct. Let take an affair for instance. An affair is widely accepted as a good reason to end a relationship. But an affair could be a symptom of another problem, like the lack of intimacy. You could possibly prevent another affair but if the intimacy problem is not resolved, a whole different symptom of the lack of intimacy could pop up, like depression. So, take your time and really talk out your perceive problem with your loved one. Make a plan to solve the problem together and stay the course.

Holding your partners hand while listening to their concerns is a great way to start the reconnecting process. If your partner touches on a subject that is painful for you remember, he or she is not doing this to hurt you. They trying to improve your relationship. Now that you have the problem or problems out in the open. Together you can come up with a plan of action to work on them. Stick to your plan and take positive step toward a renewed healthy relationship.

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives it is easy to over look the importance of spending time with our loved ones.

When trying to save a relationship, it is a good idea to make a weekly date night with your partner. Studies have shown, couples who schedule at least one night a week that they can steel away together, last longer,live longer and are happier for it.

Don’t forget, it took time for your relationship to grow so far apart. Its going to take time and hard work to get back to a healthy, loving relationship. Stick to your plan and never give up. Accept the challenges as they come and face them head on together.

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