How To Tell If She’s Single To a lot of guys, it’s difficult to figure out whether a woman single or not

It seems like a gamble the majority of the time and what if you get it wrong? The embarrassment that ensues may very well traumatize a man. It’s something that can really limits guys from taking action and getting the results that they want. The question presents a real roadblock to men who are looking to get a date.

Here’s how you can tell.

Since all women only have so much time when they are fertile, there are unconscious signals that single women display that makes it easier to spot them. Single women will often have more exaggerated body language. They’ll laugh a little more, they’ll be more receptive, and they’ll have a more sexual vibe. When you first see a woman, look to see if she has a “worn” look on her face. It’s the face of someone who’s in a long term relationship. See if she’s upbeat and friendly. Notice if her stride is sensual and inviting. See if she makes eye contact and then smiles. The eye contact and then the smile signifies that she’s available and open to an approach.

Even with knowing the above signals, there are times when you just can’t tell if a woman is single or not, here’s a fool-proof method of finding out: Ask her!

That’s right, go up to a woman you’re attracted to and say something like “hey are you single?”
It’s so simple yet effective. It cuts through everything and gets directly to what you want to know. This method makes it EASY for guys to approach women as they don’t have to remember fancy lines or come up with something clever on the spot. And it gets you instant results. A lot of times, this question will come as a surprise to women. They’re not used to a man being so direct with them.

What you’ll find is that the majority of the time women will give you a straight answer. Depending on what the answer is you can proceed in one of two ways. If she says no then thank her for her time and move on to the next women you find attractive. If she says yes then you can try and go for an instant date with her. Tell her you’re doing such and such and invite her to come along. Or what you can also do is ask her for her phone number or an email address so you can follow up later.