Suggestions To Help You Get A Girlfriend

Even confident guys tend to break a bit of a sweat when they see an attractive woman that they wish to approach. With some understanding about women though, you can see an attractive woman, approach her approach and get a girlfriend without all the nervousness.

One way to do this is to be intriguing. Do not open up your life like a book before her to read. Hold her interest by only revealing a little at a time and do not make a big show of it so you do not come off as being so keen on impressing her. Do not be too available either or you will come off as desperate. Disappear or appear to do so for a weekend or go out of town for work or business and see how she reacts.

The right kind of touch can tilt the balance and make a woman yours.

Do not give the idea that physical intimacy is the end goal. Read her and the situation and act accordingly. Make it a light peck on the cheek and a light hug when she is pensive and push it a little further when she is relaxed and most likely to be receptive.

When she is ready to get more intimate, you will not miss the signs by what she says and how she handles you. Go rushing in before then and you will soon be hurtled out of her door and her life. If it is a long term or serious relationship that you are after, learn to bid your time.

Also, keep your approach interesting. Think beyond coffee and dinner dates.

The familiar quickly loses its appeal.

Capture her attention with interesting date ideas such as hiking a trail, cooking her dinner instead of going out, wine and cheese tasting and other interesting activities.

It may sound like a paradox but stay away to stay close. Give a woman space and drop the pursuit for a couple of days. Let her think about where you could be and what you could be up to and she will treasure the time she has with you and anticipate and look forward it more. See if she bothers to find out where you are.

Also, take advantage of the internet to get a girlfriend through online dating sites. There are sites where you are likely to get serious women who are also looking for serious or long term relationship. Post the best photo of yourself you can and a profile that is witty and fun and wait to get responses from all quarters. Carefully sift through the pack to find your best choices. Meet the ones you find most attractive and then choose the Cinderella who is the best fit for you.

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