JUST PROVE IT! If I told you I have just traveled in time, would you believe me after I present you an interesting theory, website testimonials and opinions of a group of my friends who joined my time travel community?

Normally, if someone claims something that person provides evidence supporting his/her ideas. Why on earth in case of seduction this rule has never been applied by the media and even critics? The PUAs should prove that seduction exists. I am not talking about some fake superficial test like asking a chick whether she prefers some seduction routine opener or the usual «how it’s going?» opener.

I cannot be called to prove the negative! C’mon! At least one fair scientific experiment. For the good of mankind!

Even though seduction got lots of media coverage, so far no experiment has confirmed the existence of such happening. Instead the media just embraced the view that seduction  techniques are highly effective. Even the strongest critics usually agree that seduction exists (I go on with this in «Feminists – Seduction’s Advertisers»).

So I decided to gather some evidence proving it does not exist – «Her Type» section.

The Neo-Casanovas are the ones who are supposed to prove that they have managed to «create» attraction out of nothing. The most important element of the definition of seduction is that you changed a woman’s mind. If she was attracted to you from the very beginning it has nothing to do with seduction. That may be difficult because many women may have honestly not noticed that initial «spark» of attraction – that subconscious feeling that ignited before the PUA even approached her.

A fair method is to prove that seduction techniques in the SAME CIRCUMSTANCES were much more effective than regular «be yourself» dating advice. Why «be yourself» is the most hatted by PUAs dating advice? Because to be yourself you don’t need no expensive seduction books, seminars, coaching etc. You see self-confidence doesn’t change your «intrinsic you». It just relives you from your inner inhibitions, but you are still the same person with the same personality.

In the past when people could not understand such natural phenomenon as the solar eclipse, shamans or wizards recalled to magic or other supernatural forces to explain the unknown. Today, although men landed on the moon, humanity still cannot understand its own nature. In many fields we still ask the wizards of today’s times for help. In case of human love life these shamans call themselves PUAs. We are still in the dark middle ages.

We believe in love elixirs that are called nowadays «seduction patterns.» PUAs just like wizards explain the unknown without having any proof for their theories. They unravel their ideas with a mixture of pseudoscientific statements and popular myths. People believe in what they want to believe, so the students of the seduction gurus swallow all that crap.