How to Tell If a Guy Is Not Serious About You – Some Truths As to a Guy Not Being Serious About You

You will know if your guy is serious about you from the very behavior or attitude he displays. He does not have to voice it in as many words but from his behavior you would be able to tell. Here are some truths about a guy who is not serious.

Complacently selfish You will notice very complacently selfish behavior with respect to you or the relationship. He will have you do what he wants or what makes him happy without a thought to whether it will make you happy or not. He cares little for your feelings.
He is self centered He’s a self centered person who wants everything happening the way he wishes it to happen.

Everything centers round his whims and fancies, be it a place, an activity or even food. Your preferences do not matter.

He is not open with you You will notice his tendency to be secretive and not speak about himself. He does not confide anything about what he does. Neither does he ask you about your self or show interest in you. A clear indication he’s not serious about you.

He calls only to return your call Rarely does he take the initiative in calling you first. And when you do then he makes an attempt to call you only if it so pleases him to do so. Generally he keeps the prerogative of the calling to himself and prefers that you do not do so.

Not in regular touch with you He’s never in regular touch with you. He calls only when he remembers you or if he wants to go out with you or if matters have reached the point of having sex then to meet you either at his or your place. Any sort of real interest in you or the relationship is totally missing.

He openly flirts with others If your guy openly flirts with others either in your presence or absence goes to clearly point out that he is not serious about you in any way. A guy who’s interested or serious about a relationship will never risk flirting with others if he loves his girl. You need to wake up to this fact.
Avoids meeting your or his folks together When there is no seriousness in a guy’s attitude then he’s least interested in meeting your folks or taking you to meet his. This is a very important thing which, if you see him shirk doing this, then be sure he’s not serious about you.